Post: Mw2 sprx menu base
09-27-2016, 02:36 AM #1
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Firstly, This SPRX Menu Base was NOT made by me.
It was coded by DudeCanMod, I only edited the base to look more appealing to myself and whoever else wants it.
Also, If you're considering leaving hateful comments this is my first kind gesture to give to the community.
So don't make it be my last by being rude or hateful.

Whatever bugs with the menu are still existing as I haven't looked in depth to try and fix them.
But so far, I haven't noticed any.

I made the menu smaller by removing the way too many sub menus and functions. 14 should be plenty.
If you need less than that lower the max scroll for the sub menu to meet what you need and remove what text is in the quotes.

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Virus Scan: Not needed? Open source plus it's an SPRX.

Thank you for coming <3

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