Thread: Castlevania -Harmony of Despair Save 100%
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This my 100% save for Castlevania Harmony of Despair,The only important items i am missing on this save are the retro gear and fuma's helmet but other than that i have all the good weapons and armor like Valmanway+1 and Bezerker mail(lol).Im not sure if trophies will pop up but im pretty sure the save will make getting the trophies easier for ya
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I defeated!
Originally posted by MonsterAnime View Post
Is this for PS3 or for Xbox

are you serious
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Just tested this it does not work
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Wednesday 13
I am error
Hie, Thanks for the save,

xTsumugi can you explain where is the repair button please? cause for me the save work but the ps3 freeze when i load the chapter
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Any chance you can upload the repaired save?
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Any chance for a repaired save?
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Hello and apologies for the thread necro.

Just some things I discovered while using this save. As far as trophies go, I unlocked "Slaughtervania" upon killing an enemy but could not get Pack Rat to pop. I already had every other trophy in the game besides "Slaughtervania", "Pack Rat" and "Boned" so I cannot report on any other trophy unlocks.

As for the freezing problem, it's a strange one. If you load anything else other than Chapter 6, it will freeze and you will need to restart your console. If you load Chapter 6, it will play as normal but there will be no music. If you die in Chapter 6 and reload it, the music will return and at this point you can load other chapters as you normally could. Cannot determine what causes this, but that is the "fix" I discovered for myself.

>Copy save
>Play Chapter 6 and die
>Replay Chapter 6 to see if there is music
>If yes, freeze problem is gone (at least in my case, was able to load any chapter including DLC after music returned)
>If no music still, lie down and try not to cry but cry a lot.

Hope this helps any other late save seekers and/or old posters in this thread who never got a proper answer.
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