Post: I have a long list of problems in CoD: WWII
11-01-2018, 10:08 AM #1
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This list is from the PoV of a Singaporean player who's been playing since Advanced Warfare:
First off, the connection. It's 2017 and Activision is a million dollar company. Despite this, Activision can't be bothered with a server in Singapore for Southeast Asia, or a server in Dubai for the Middle East. What do they think of us? The Middle East as war torn villages by terrorists? Southeast Asia as a cluster of fishing villages? I can tell you that Singapore is no fishing village. We are a modernized metropolis and Dubai is no different. An extremely gorgeous city with a rich culture and famous landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. Despite this, when both SEA and ME players request for a server, there are Call of Duty nerds who defend the game as well as Activision themselves saying "The player base in both regions is too small to warrant a server." To me, this is a lame excuse which translates as "Activision is a stingy company who doesn't give a damn about the minorities." If this is so, let us play Local P2P instead of shoving a server 5000km away from us down our throats, because this is the most bullshit I've seen. Battlefield offers Singaporean servers and I rarely lag, but here? It's a complete lag fest. Even then, the servers used are extremely underwhelming. These so called 60 hertz servers can't even handle a match of Tetris. Let alone 12 players in an FPS game. These lousy cloud servers need to be decommissioned and replaced by actual servers capable of hosting matches. Besides being stingy, there's no reason to rent Choopa's shitty fucking servers.

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