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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Hello, I bring you the complete save-set of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

* Load the save as many times as necessary to get all the trophies.
The Basics of Survival - Combine 2 herbs that are in the trunk and that's it.
Customizer and First Break-In - Open the safe of the "waiting room" of the "2F" and combine the piece of the weapon with the indicated weapon and go.
Do not Need No Stinkin 'Gun - Go to the library and kill a zombie with the knife and go.
Eat This! - Equip the knife and let a zombie grab you and clávaselo with L1. (zombies in the library)
That'll Hold 'Em - Grab a board from the trunk and place it in the window outside the dark room or in any window of the commissary.
Bon Appétit - Equip a grenade from the trunk and approach a zombie and put it in your mouth with L1 and shoot in the mouth to detonate it. (zombies in the library)
Zombie Roundup - There are exactly 3 zombies in the library, kill them at 3 together by throwing the grenade at them and that's it.
Keep Their Heads Ringin ' - Grab a blinding grenade from the trunk and head to the "Art Room" and throw it to the licker.
Hats Off! - The Tyrant will be around the commissary around, just shoot him in the head to throw the hat and ready.

Gotcha! - Defeat "G" using the crane with the container on the first attempt. You have enough weapons to make them. Noquealo 5 times with the machine gun and when you see that limps comomódalo in the area of ​​the box of the crane, throw a blinding press the button of the crane and shoot to make it fall again and ready.
A Waist of Space and Hip to Add Squares - Go to the area of ​​"Beds" there is the last bag, go to it, the road is already free of enemies.
One Slick Super-spy and Hack Complete - Continue the journey to the oven, escape from inside and finish the part of ada without using the weapon. (There are 2 saved, one from the start and another since you enter the oven, if it does not work with one try with the other saved).
Young Escapee and Hide and Seek - Go to the "Private Collection" room, open the lattice door and grab the card, a scene will appear, omit it and continue with the sherry part. To do this, you need to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, get the scissors, go to the wall to use them and leave this room by pressing the L2 button to crouch down and continue until you finish Sherry's part.
In the Blink of an Eye - Defeat the super Tyrant in 5+ to get the trophy. You have enough weapons to finish it, just use the shotgun, and the magnum to finish fast with it.
Vermin Extermination and Complete Vermin Extermination - Grab the last Raccoon that is on the second floor of the orphanage, open the door and in front shoot the raccoon and go.
A Hero Emerges, Broken Umbrella, Leon S. Kennedy, Frugalist, Minimalist and A Small Carbon Footprint - Just kill "G" in its fifth phase and go.
A Heroine Emerges, Sizzling Scarlet Hero, With Time to Spare - Defeat "G" in 4+ to get the trophies and that's it.
Hardcore Rookie and Hardcore College Student - Finish the campaigns, they are in the last save point.
A Vault-like Mind and Treasure Hunter - Decipher the portable inventory safe. The film roll is in the inventory, reveal it in the dark room and go to "Office of S.T.A.R.S. (2F)" and "Press Room (1F)".
Like Skeet Shooting - Leave the "Operator's Room" and go to the stairs to get to the "Garage" from there you go to the room of the "Generator" and activate the electric power, you will get 2 dogs to activate it, just wait for the dog that jumps through the lattice and you shoot him before he falls to the ground and ready.
Master of Unlocking - Open the safe that is outside of "Monitor room" the password is still on the safe side. Open it and you will get the trophy.
Lore Explorer - Go to the train via and pick up the last document on the side of the electronic door.

If you are in doubt about a trophy, you can review a trophy guide to guide you through the process.

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Space Ninja
thanks man was looking for a complete one, hope u have it in a way to unlock them in right order not multiple trophies together unless it is light like this Smile

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Error… Cat invasion!
Is It possible to re region the Vermin Extermination and Complete Vermin Extermination to EU? That's the last trophy I need thanks.
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Pokemon Trainer
Originally posted by MSD009 View Post

If you'd like grab some saves from my thread to fill out most of the trophies you have left. I have a few of the ones you need on mine.
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There is only profile data in most of these folders or am I doing something wrong
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Originally posted by TheWiggz View Post
There is only profile data in most of these folders or am I doing something wrong

like you
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Do a barrel roll!
"* Load the save as many times as necessary to get all the trophies."

Can you tell me which save you are referring to for that top batch of misc trophies?
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Do a barrel roll!
Thanks! just need the Lore Explore trophy for the platinum Smile
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Do a barrel roll!
Originally posted by Chxii View Post
Thanks! just need the Lore Explore trophy for the platinum Smile

You can find the Lore trophy You must login or register to view this content..

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