Post: Kingdom Hearts III Platinum Save (6.20) [CUSA12031]
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Kingdom Hearts III Platinum Save
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Use the Load function Not Continue to load Save File 1 (Not The Autosave File)

All gummiphone related Trophies - Open gummiphone and go through all sections

Leveled Out Trophy - Already at level 99 if it doesn't pop use the proud mode save file to finish the game eat the EXP buff meal at Olympus first save of the realm of the gods proceed one section forward and engage the battlegate multiple times using Aeroga to finish quick can level from 50 to 99 in 20 minutes

Rook Trophy - Kill some enemies

One For The Books Trophy - Perform a Shotlock attack

Ultima Weapon Trophy - Go to moogle Shop, Synthesis section

Salvager Trophy - When in gummiship or world map, go to Information, and see Treasures

Stargazer Trophy - Take a photo to a constellation

Centurion Trophy - Still have to do the score requirement in the Minigame

Festive Dancer Trophy - Still have to do the score requirement in the Minigame

Datascraper Trophy - Still have to do the Flash Tracer Course A rank to get the trophy (may be possible that you only need to do one)

Shield Shredder Trophy - Still have to do the score requirement in the Minigame

Dreadnought Trophy - Board the Leviathan and look at the the map

True Captain Trophy - Defeat some ships in Caribbean

Cornucopia Trophy - Grab any ingredient buying one may also work

Master Chef Trophy - Get an Excellent on any recipe

Classically Trained Trophy - Classic Kingdom, beat any game doing a new Highscore

Thermosphere Trophy - Misty Stream Map Inside the Vortex in the center, Using the Golden Highwind will make it an easy finish I don't believe A rank is required for the trophy so adding the Golden Falcon miniship makes it even easier
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Save Point
Thank You!
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Thank you for sharing. Need this for sure.
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Thank you
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Thank you
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did you have a save in proud with the game completed ?
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everything worked perfect thanks
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Originally posted by henriquecld10 View Post
did you have a save in proud with the game completed ?

Im sorry that is the farthest i was in the Proud file when i gained platinum and uploaded the save to my usb, and i still havent progressed further into it.
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