Post: Creating a New PS3 MAC Address
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Well seems there's a thread on changing your PS3 MAC. So I thought i would share this bit of info on creating a MAC instead of stealing off youtube :P.

Defination -- MAC -> Media Access Control -> You must login or register to view this content.

Every company who sells products that can connect to the internet and/or a network has a NIC device. That is a network interface card. This applies to both a ethernet (wired) and wireless too.

The MAC address is hard coded into a ROM ship on that device at the manufacturer. It can not be changed nn a hardware level but it can be changed at a software level. Computers communicate via MAC as well as TCP/IP or UDP. If a PC don't have an IP, it has to identify the other PC by its MAC.

To keep things organized, those companies register/reserve different ranges for mac addresses in the same way your ISP reserves an IP range for you to buy home internet. There is a portion of the MAC that they reserve called the OUI.

The first 3 sections of the MAC is the OUI. So if my mac is AA:BB:CCHappySad AwesomeEE:FF then AA:BB:CC would be the OUI of the manufacturer.

Knowing this I can go to an online mac generator supporting prefixes, put in the OUI, and get a new h4x0red MAC to mod with :P..

Happy Modding..


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I get the point that it should be in PS3. I just posted without thinking after seeing how you can get un-banned from BO by changing your MAC.

FYI if you don't understand this, move on and ignore it until you have the technical skill TO understand it.

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