Post: New Glitch for World at War: Der Riese (double-perk)
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I posted a reply in a thread I made way back when, but since it's 8+ years old I figured it would warrant a new thread perhaps. I hadn't done the glitch since 2012 (which is when I originally figured it out) and haven't done much testing of it yet other than to see that it works. Here's my first official video of it ~ I will probably make videos tomorrow of doing this with all 4 perks, and start testing what can be done with it. I do already have a few ideas that I am eager to test, including using this same method to obtain monkey bombs while downed (which could allow you to throw your own monkey after getting downed). Feel free to add me if you want to help with the testing process, or if you just wanna play some Der Riese. PSN is Double-X2-Points


This glitch requires at least 2 players, and so I joined myself on my second playstation to have another player in the game (who wants to share with splitscreen?) This is who I am referring to in the video as "other double".
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Did you try it on BO1?
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Originally posted by Double-X2-Points View Post

Did you try it on BO1?

I have not tried it on BO, and do not own any dlc for black ops
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I am probably not the first person to experience this glitch, as I think it has happened to many of us without realizing it until after the fact. I know personally I had it happen long before I posted my original post in 2010 but had no idea how to reproduce the glitch, and it wasnt until around 2012 that I had tested it and figured it out. I searched high and low for anything regarding this glitch back at that time without any findings, however today I found a video dated 2009 of someone who also experienced the glitch, a 15 second video showing that they have 2 juggernogs, so I cant claim to have the first video of any kind displaying the visual aspect of the glitch; however it is clear from his video description he does not know how it happened and cannot do it again, as he isnt aware of the glitch having zero effect as far as boosting your juggs (his video description claims that it boosts it a little but not much). I am not trying to be a downer on his video, it's good that he recorded that clip when he had the chance, because I never recorded it when it happened to me the first several times it happened accidentally. At this point in time, it looks like I might be the first person to test and figure out the glitch, and be able to reproduce it, as I have uploaded a video a few days ago of the entire process from game start to end. I will be happy to stream it as well, and get more clips of doing it not only with juggernog but all perks~ after all, it does actually have an effect with quick revive, as my previous testing revealed. This might end up being more than simply a weird visual glitch, only time will tell....

Here is that video I referenced, which this guy recorded in 2009. It might be the earliest video of the glitch

Gotta give credit~
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Just tried it with Speed Cola. Very surprised by the results. The "ghost" perk (one you receive while downed) does not function on the ground nor when up, but it also doesn't seem to ever go away (I died out, and went down several times after and never lost it). I will be experimenting with double tap and quick revive next, and then attempt something far crazier involving the box.....
Video of Double-Perk glitch with Speed Cola

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