Alternate Outfit
Select your character and hold START and press X, Y, or B to begin the game.

Cheat Select
Play the VMU mini-game to open up the following cheats in original mode: eternal life, area select, free continue and free time limit.

Level select
Select fighting mode. Then while selecting a character, hold Start.

Weapon select in episode 5
Just before you fight the gate keeper is a van with boxes and zombies. There is a door on the far left. Walk up to the door and open it . You can choose three weapons to place in a weapon bag once Inside

Change blood color
Beat all 3 'Original Modes'. Go to the option window and you should see a new option open, 'BLOOD COLORS'

Weapon trick with first Boss
When the boss is dead, you can pull a pipe out of his carcass.

Get all bosses up to Zed
At press start screen, let demos run through intro, fighting demos, then best agent screen. Then go to fighting mode. Play one match against the cpu, win, and then exit. Highlight vs boss mode and press start and A. At the select character screen, press start and A again. It should give you all bosses up to Zed.

Hidden items in Biological Weapon (Industrial Sewage) Plant level
Note the fan at the beginning of the Biological Weapon (Industrial Sewage) Plant level. Shoot it (you can not use a button) to collect some hidden items.

Hidden room
Once you have reached the end level (The Sewer), kill everything in the first area. Get to the next area with the zombie standing on the ledge. There is a boarded up door at this location. Punch the door and press B to enter a secret room that contains weapons, such as a dual hand gun. Note: A zombie is in the room, off to the right side.

Immediately after you enter the House Of The Dead, fight the zombies. Kill them then, go to the stairs. Press the Y on the wall to open a hidden passage that leads to the Elixir.

Climb into train
On the train level, press Y on the second carriage somewhere along the right-hand side and you can climb into the train.