Post: Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster [CUSA09485]
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For those of you who are interested I posted this set on Hackinformer but I wanted to bring it here as well so more people would see it.

I bring you a save set for

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This is Nearly Platinum save set with a bit of help on the Bunny race trophies from mAdlax at hackinformer
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Each folder contains a readme for how to gain the trophy.

I recommend starting with the Battle trophies saves first then the monster data trophies then others from there as the system data file is filled in by the information on the save and if you do it in a different order you'll have to delete the system data file more times.

You will also find corresponding PC version saves in the folders as the PC and decrypted PS4 saves are the same.

These are US region Saves for CUSA09485 version of the game but if you use Save Wizard (unsure of the other save editors) advanced mode you can export the file out of one of these saves and import into CUSA09481 version and they will work and vice versa.

Also to note these are edited through the PC version then save data extracted from the PC save and imported into a PS4 save so most of these will not display the proper information in the PS4s data transfer tool. When you attempt to load it in game it will display correctly.

Edit: Not required but recommended order in which to use the saves is Battle Trophies followed by Monster Spaceship Data and Weapon Data before any others as these are all tied to the System Data file which updates with each save you load. So I recommend deleting System Data start with whatever % battle trophy your missing go through all them then delete System data again load the monster data % youÂ’re missing complete them, delete System Data load weapon & spaceship data complete them then delete System Data once more load the starter save and it will load your system data with 100% for all entries and you can then move forward with the other trophies in the folder or play normally with a new game or the starter save however you wish.

Edit 2:
It was brought to my attention the saves weren't being allowed to transfer to PS4 after re-signing I have rebuilt them and they now allow transfer to system. The new save version is 5.53
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Impressive work. Congratulations Mysticzangetsu.
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I recently started playing this game again. Are there any codes for max items, weapons, or materials? Also, I notice that when you use the save wizard code for elemental states it resets after a battle. Does anyone have a solution to this? If anyone could helo that would be great. I am new to the whole save wizard and code thing
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Rezing an old topic but @mysticzangetsu how in f*cks name did you get the the PS4 save transferable to PC and vice versa? The PC save file seems to be encrypted... Protection Status This content is certified and protected under DMCA guidelines and any attempt to copy or redistribute this content will be met with a DMCA takedown notice.

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