Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall boosting thread
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Basically I will keep this is as simple as I possibly can. All you have to do is fill out the template below and I'm sure people will add you for that specific thing you need.

Timezone: GMT +0
Abilities: done
Attachments: Already completed
Name of lobby (If Created): None created

As I'm sure some of you are aware that challenges are such a pain in the ass and if you really can't be bothered to do them legit then fill out the template, hook up with your boosting buddy and be done with these.

Also if you constantly boost and boost and boost them I'm sure Guerrilla turn your lobbies into moderated warzones.

Get as many as you can out of the way and completing this will not be much of a pain.

Browse Warzones > My Warzones > Triangle
(This is the way to create your own)
Create your own rules so if you want turrets, then set them on and turn everything off.
Simple as that, happy boosting.
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Originally posted by Richard. View Post
Do you know what they were boosting?

They boost the abilitys.
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Originally posted by 1997 View Post
They boost the abilitys.

I've boosted a few and haven't been banned, I know a few others aswell where nothing has happened.
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Originally posted by skaterboy16 View Post
i would boost on this but none of my friends play it so kinda no point

Skater, i'll play some Kz with you hit me up on psn om me mate Happy.
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Originally posted by webzy View Post
Skater, i'll play some Kz with you hit me up on psn om me mate Happy.

ok but um i dont know your psn haha pm it to me

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