THREAD: Keep Your PSN Account 99% Secured Against Hackers / Social Engineers
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    How to Keep Your PSN Account 99% Secured Against Hackers / Social Engineers

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    How To Keep Your Playstation Network Account 99% Secured


    Today I bring you a nice informative thread towards those who have Playstation Network Accounts. Far as I know, a ton of accounts has been getting leaked and compromised lately towards bad security. Yes, anonymous individuals steal accounts by either running software only a hand full of people own, or by using their Social Engineering skills against poor Sony Officials which only a few people can do. I honestly don't know how people keep getting their accounts stolen when Sony has added better security to accounts lately after the Playstation 4 Console has been released. I bring you the best method out there at the moment on how to keep your account the safest as possible.

    Safety & Security

    Let's start off with the basics, then we'll get into the advanced things we will need. Go to the Playstation Network Website -- of course of your region. For an example, click here if you're in the United States: You must login or register to view this content..

    Go ahead and log into your, and head over to your Account Settings. Just follow what I do here down below. You're going to make sure you input valid information! If you put random information into your data, the day will come you call Sony, and forget to tell them your valid information. So just make sure you don't add anything fake in there; there is a point where you will need to fake something, but it boosts your security!

    Identity / Basics


    • This is a MAJOR part of security. I would say for you to put your real name, but Social Engineering is a pretty big role on this topic. Make sure you add a nickname that only your FAMILY knows of. You can get friendly with random people off of PSN/Social Media and call them "friends", but not everyone stays "real" in the world we live in. Whenever a Social Engineer calls Sony, they ask them for the name on the account. So if your "friend" knows your full name, they can actually get passed that part. Even though most SE's don't need your name to actually get an account, it will help increase your security on to your account. For an example, let's say your full name is Noe Martinez. Make a random Nickname up for yourself. I know this interrupts the rule I taught on don't use fake information, but this boosts your security.

      Name Examples: Fresh Kid - Solar System - Lil Wayne - Bob the Builder

      Sounds a bit retarded yes I know, but when the time comes Sony asks them," What's the name on your account, sir?" "Noe Martinez and the account name is Blah Blah" "That name isn't registered on the account you're trying to get an email change for sir."

      From here, Sony will start to close in on them, and the only way possible left is for them to ask for a Serial Number on the Console they created the account on. I've seen some top notch Social Engineers get accounts with NO VALID INFORMATION. Trust me, these guys are skilled against Sony Employees, but let's stick to the topic for the moment.

    Continuation Towards Identity

    Everything else below is pretty much common sense so I won't be going over it. Just make sure you use the valid information; especially your Sign-In Identification! If you use a fake email, you're just putting yourself at a big 80% risk of never getting your account back unless you have more information to back it up.

    In addition, where it says "Customer Since" you might want to save that date in a notebook where it can only be found in your room. I would say .txt file on your PC, but you never know if a hacker gives you an R.A.T (Remote Access Trojan). This lets the hacker control your PC, and have the potential to open any of your files; which may contain that .txt file!

    You can actually give Sony your full name, and that data of your Customer Since (including other valid information), and they will for sure give you your account back if the day comes someone actually does get into your account. So everything in a nutshell for this part of Identity:


    • Name: Use a Nickname no one knows about, even your middle name if no one knows it!
    • Sign-in ID (Email Address): Use a REAL Email that you know the information I will be going over emails very shortly down below going over this topic.
    • Gender: Male / Female (Real Valid Info)
    • Customer Since: "xx-xx-xxxx" (Keep it in a safe place no one will see it!)
    • Language: Your language of course.


    • This is another big role towards security. Someone may know where you live by pulling an IP (Internet Protocol) or by being friends with you to get it, but they won't know your exact address; unless you actually give it out. For this section, just put in every valid information into it that pertains to you. Make sure you don't forget any of this information either! Make sure you memorize it! In addition, I'll be putting better facts, and pointing things out so you don't do anything out of the blue.

    The Four Major Hierarchies


    This is where the fun begins. I suggest everyone on a Playstation Console do this. Breaking this section down consists of four major hierarchies.

    • Password
    • Question/Answer
    • PIN
    • 2-Step Verification


    This is pretty basic, but very important when it comes to security. If a hacker knows your password, you're 50/50 screwed. If you're the type of person to have your social media accounts with the same password. You already fucked up since he has basically control of your whole social media life. NEVER have the same password for all of your accounts. Make sure your PSN Account is unique and lengthy. Most individuals who crack accounts use word lists/email lists to use bots to guess your password. So if you have weak passwords 4-15 digits, the easier it is for them to crack your account. Make sure you have a 20+ digit password with Lower Case + Caps + Symbols to make it harder to crack. A good password would be: [email protected]#[email protected]@ - John##Snow2497SK%Security2

    Why the hell did you just spam that keyboard? I didn't, having a random password generator that's lengthy with symbols will take a LONG time for a cracker to pull... we're talking about years - life span. So don't use the same passwords with your PSN Account, and make sure they aren't weak passwords either.

    Security Question/Answer

    Choose your Security Question, or make your own, which I would prefer making your own. Don't put anything basic either, I have seen some people getting their account hacked because of this. "Where were you born?" -- Don't EVER choose that one. One day some random guy start talking to you trying to be friendly, then he asks where you're from or born. BAM, you fucked up. He has your security answer. Choose something hard that they won't ever try to ask you. Even if they ask you, it's pretty much common sense what they are trying to do. The "name of your mother's maiden". Would someone try to ask you that private question? If they did, they're of course the biggest skid ever. Choose something difficult, and we can continue on.


    This is a tiny step, but I still suggest you do this! Having a backup PIN can secure your account if you ever forget things. It might be a useless thing to use, but you never want to have second thoughts whenever someone is on your account. Want to have a tank secured account use this to the best ability. Don't use simple pins either nor your date of birth, Having random PIN Generators will be nice, and the hacker can't guess it. 11111, 12345, 00000 are more guessable so don't use them. Let's move on to the most important step overall for this thread.

    2-Step Verification

    This is the most important step overall when it comes to security on your account. If hackers can get through most of these things that you have on right now, this can give them the most difficult time of their lives to get into your account. If the hacker manages to get into your account, you will receive a text on your phone telling you that this is your 2-Step Verification Code to enter to log in. If that ever happens, that's a signal to change your account information. This is the firewall of your account. Don't ever doubt this, because it's the best role for security. I've seen Youtubers get hacked even with 2-Step Verification, but this will certainly stop all of them.

    To find 2-Step Verification, it's on the Security Tab at the bottom:

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    The Sign-in ID you use for your PSN Account must be secured as well, guys. I won't get too in-depth over the google security since it's the same as for PSN. Make sure you use different account passwords that are lengthy with symbols, add 2-step verification, and anything else that involves security on the email you use.

    More Pointers

    Here I will give some facts for you to use anywhere besides PSN. I suggest you to actually use these and don't doubt them either because they are very important.

    • Always change your password every month to be secured all the time.
    • Use long passwords with symbols, and never "keep logged in" after you exit out a website.
    • If you're at a public library or using someone else's computer, always go incognito, and never save passwords!
    • Always use 2-Step Verification for all social media accounts.
    • Never give out your account information to anyone, even friends. Only parents or family.
    • Never give out your personal email out anywhere throughout the internet.
    • Never download any random links people send, nor click any links random people send you. They might be trying to phish your account information. yes PHISH, not fish.


    That's all for right now, and all I could think of for your security. I didn't want to go into another lesson by adding irrelevant information to another topic. Hopefully, you end up changing most of your stuff right now and being smart about your security. Never doubt yourself about your information, because once you're on the internet. You're going to always be on the internet.

    You must login or register to view this content. has also made another tutorial at the Learning Center for you all a while back on "How not to get hacked". You can go check that out as well for more information here: You must login or register to view this content.

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    Originally Posted by hitman555z View Post
    Ok, just for questioning my attention span, I went ahead and read your whole wall of text.

    It's absolutely nothing surprising. This has been happening for a very long time, in reality and in the internet. Ads are directed to specific audiences, stores are set up with drinks in certain places, toys in another, etc. Banks will accept or deny you loans based on your history. This is all very obvious. If you have to make a wall post about it, you are no better than the hobos I see shivering and yelling at people in the city.

    With respect I believe you're missing my fundamental point. Take loans for example. Credit history, yes, that's long-standing and it directly relates to your ability to pay back a loan so it's fair game. But being based on your social life, your gaming habits or lack thereof, other factors completely and entirely irrelevant to your credit-worthiness? The only historical correlation there is minority status, not that I'm in any way trying to minimize that. I thought I made that distinction clear, between credit-worthiness and factors divorced from it, similarly with other clients of data collators as well such as employers. So yes, this has been a fact of modern life for some time, but it's extended from the relevant to the irrelevant and arbitrary (some employers might not want to hire a gamer while others might care less), and from the mundane to almost every facet of peoples' lives.

    Please respect forum rules on civil discourse and refrain from comparing me to a hobo or, in your earlier post before you had even read my "wall of text" (I would note that it is the equivalent of 1 page of a book, or less than 1/100th the length of my first published article), a madman. I similarly apologize for calling your attention span into question, my only excuse being that this recent phenomenon of people not having the patience to read what used to pass for a short blurb is a pet peeve of mine. It's a poor excuse, and so I do sincerely apologize. I'd note that unlike a "hobo [you] see shivering and yelling at people in the city," I have actual, real-life, professional experience in this arena. I thought I also made that point clear.
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    dia 2 de outubro, pior aniversário da minha vida, perdi minha conta que é de portugal (banida) sem saber, sem email algum informando sobre ou o porque
    Tenho a conta desde de 2007, visto ainda que em final de 2016 houve uma tentativa de acessar minha conta e ate conseguiram mudar a senha, graças ao suporte naquele ano eu consegui resetar a conta.
    Hoje no meu pior aniversário de 26 anos liguei para suporte de portugal e ja comecei ser mal atendido com falta de educação, disse minha id e ela me disse o seguinte, VOCÊ FOI BANIDO POR TENTAR ROUBAR CONTA.
    Como assim? Sendo que eu Lucas Hary da Silva Cardoso sou único proprietário da conta, no ps3 que no qual ela disse que foi banido juntamente com a conta. Como assim? E disse que isso era crime, e eu ainda perguntei como isso pode acontecer? Como faz isso? Sendo que eu vou fazer isso como? Se eu tenho minha conta e meus jogos.
    Mais ignorante ela foi e disse que nao vai fazer nada e que a empresa nao pode fazer nada e disse que o jeito é entrar na justiça pois eu preciso saber o motivo mais a fundo pois tambem nao tem explicação. Se alguem me denunciar por roubar conta eu sou banido entao? Se eu fizer o mesmo a pessoa perde a conta?

    Liguei para playstation brasil no suporte
    Foi atendimento sem ter informação algum nem sobre o tipo de problema. A moça aparentava ser estrangeira ou leiga da empresa, nao sabia nem me explicar o oque é banimento, fui pedir o cnpj da de portugal e não sabia, fui pedir da do brasil e nao sabia e nao tinha essa informação.

    Ou seja, vou ter que entrar com processo por acusação de um crime que eu nem ao menos cometi, perdendo uma conta de mais de 10 anos que possuo. Totalmente desestimulado com a empresa e produtos da mesma.