here friends , Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gold. have a nice day =D

1. Find Gold bar at Limpany (as shown on video)
2. Turn off auto save
3. Go To Sheriff office open lockbox and dont pickup the gold.
4. Save the game (before picking up the gold)
5.then pick up gold , once the gold icon shows on the right pause and save the game MUST OVERWRITE LATEST SAVE!
6. then go back to load MENU - and load the latest save.
7. Once loaded head to Limpany Again.
8. You should have previous gold and the gold in box will be there.
9. now pickup (allows to pick up unlimited) Once you reach 30 gold which is the limit , then go to a fence to sell them.
10. Come back to sheriff office lock box AFTER SELLING GOLD AT FENCE
11. Now repeat the save / reload the save method , so pick the gold once the gold show on the right , pause , then overwrite the latest save , then load the save back up .
12. after save is loaded it should be unlimited again. so pick up 30 , go sell them , and then come back and repeat the save and load save method to allow the unlimited gold to come again.

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