Post: Battlefield 5: Update on Battle Royale Mode Firestorm Coming This Week
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After already having focused a fair bit on Battlefield 5’s multiplayer in the game’s beta, DICE moved on to give out more details on the single player side of things, the War Stories, recently. Now, it seems like they’re going to start pulling back the curtain a bit on the game’s marquee edition this year- the battle royale mode, Firestorm.

Battlefield 5’s global community manager Dan Mitre recently took to Twitter to mention that the developers, who’ve been “pouring their passion for Battlefield into the mode”, can’t wait to start talking about Firestorm, before adding that an update on the mode will “inherently” be a part of DICE’s update on Tides of War for the week.

Firestorm looks like it’s going to set itself apart from other battle royale titles on the market, by having its player count of 64 divvied up between 16 teams of four players each, and as such placing a focus on squad-based play, as well as Battlfield hallmarks such as vehicles and destruction.

Firestorm, however, is not being developed internally at DICE, and will instead be handled by Burnout developers Criterion. The mode won’t be included in Battlefield 5 at launch when it releases for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

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