Dynamite coming soon to Fortnite!

By Calculus Published 19th Nov 2018

The legendary boomstick to make an appearance on Fortnite, for those sweet sweet kills.

Recently Fortnite’s in-game news feed got updated to announce a new item that needs no introduction to the world of gaming, the legendary boomstick, Dynamite. The descriptions fits perfectly as it reads “Light the fuse and wait for the boom!“. Dynamite had already been leaked by people looking into the game files of Fortnite since last week when the v6.30 update dropped. There was no information or reference, on how Dynamite would function, in the files. However, it’s likely that it will be exclusive to the new “Wild West” LTM that was also leaked by the same people.

The Wild West LTM, according to the leaks, is said to disallow automatic weapons, rocket launchers and traps. Slurp juice will only be available through supply drops and shield potions won’t be available at all in this game mode. Dynamite will be the only explosive allowed which means there will be no grenades or clingers available also. To recap the only items available in this new game mode are the Hunting Rifle, Shotguns, Dynamite and Revolvers.

Since there is no reference on how the dynamite can be used, it's only fair to assume that it will either just be thrown with the fuse being automatically lit, or the player will need to place the dynamite and interact with it to lite the fuse. The update including the new item and game mode will probably be released on Wednesday 21st November as most of the updates in Season 6 have also been released on Wednesday, however we can only speculate.



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