Red Dead Online Beta begins Tomorrow!

By Gryphus Published 27th Nov 2018

Get ready for RDO Beta early access week!

Get ready Its time for Red Dead Online beta to start this week! Rockstar Games has announced that they will launch Red Dead Online Beta throughout the remaining week of November. The beta process is the first step for Rockstar to sort out any bugs and server turbulence issues so they can make the Red Dead Online as fun and dynamic as possible!

Beta times very depending on when you purchased the game and when you played it. If you have the Ultimate Edition then you get first dibs!

Beta Start Times:

The beta begins on Tuesday, November 27th for those that have bought the Ultimate Edition. Please note that if you have purchased a physical copy (disc version) of the game be sure to redeem your Ultimate Edition code to be eligible to play.

On Wednesday, November 28th: the beta will be open to everyone who bought played Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26th.

On Thursday, November 29th: the beta will be accessible to those who have played and bought the game between October 26th-29th.

Finally at the end of the week on Friday, November 30th: The beta should be playable globally for everyone who owns Red Dead Redemption 2.

Are you guys exited for Red Dead Online? What do you look forward to doing the most in the online world?



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