Witcher 3 Mod Allows You to Play from a First-Person Perspective

By Darth Saul Published 26th Jul 2016

A Witcher 3 developer has created a modification for the game that allows for first-person play.

Now this is a mod we can get behind. A Witcher 3 developer named SkacikPL has created a mod for the game that allows you to venture through the beautiful world through the eyes of Geralt, the game's main character.

While the modification is still a work-in-progress, as detailed by SkacikPL via his forum posts, it truly does offer a new experience to the massive open-world that is Witcher 3.

Check out a video of footage provided by SkacikPL below:

As can be seen by the footage, the details and graphics seem unaltered as you wander through the world, just as sharp as with the third-person point of view. But while the modification looks absolutely stunning, it is not without it's limitations. SkacikPL mentioned in his description that the modification does not allow for any type of combat, and it currently only works for Keyboard and Mouse gamers.

Even with these shortcomings, it does little to diminish the overall greatness of experiencing The Witcher 3 in first-person. If you'd like to give the mod a try for yourself you can download the newest version of this mod, to date, by following this link.

Darth Saul

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