Thread: LEGO: MARVEL: Super Heroes Complete Platinum Save Set
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Hello NGU Members! I am proud to give you in cooperation with The Gazra complete save set for this great LEGO game Smile
All saves are included except The Good, the Bad and the Hungry (level 15).
All story saves are on last checkpoint..becouse fo some reason when you repeat level collect studs save and exit do not work so I've decided to make complete save set for you guys.
Almost all saves are mine but Gazra You must login or register to view this content.
did all races and at the end he also opened characters and collect gold bricks for you so give him a big rep as well.

As always in you get confused quote me and I will answer when I can. Every save has txt included.
And here is the save set

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P.S The saves are in the same same order as I achieved them so it will looks always you need to resign them to work
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Originally posted by Rodrigo-Lopes View Post
Thanks my kid will loved

No problem mate
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Muchas gracias 👍
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Thanks dude!
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thanks so much for this

EDIT: realized this is for ps3 lol... is there a ps4 one??
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Thanks Happy

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