Post: FREE XBL FOR 1 MONTH (works only with silver accounts)
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Demarcus Ware
I defeated!
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Those elite fgts wont post anything good for us reg members so here's something good. MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR SILVER ACCOUNT DO THIS BECAUSE THEY WILL ASK YOU TO CONFIRM. And if you live in the united states when your creating your credit card just put canada. Fucks up on google chrome

A Phone
A 1st Graders Brain or higher. (if you don't have one steal one)

1st Step. Go To and sign into your profile that has no gold
2nd Step. Click on this link You must login or register to view this content.
3rd step. make sure it has a little black dot where it says GOLD 1 MONTH $0.00
4th step. scroll all the way to the bottom and click next.
5. fill out your billing adresses and blah blah blah
6th step. go all the way to the bottom of the new page and press add a new credit Card.
7th step. WAIT don't go crying that you don't have a credit card you can make one free at [url][/url]
8th step. click where it says sign up put canada as your country if you live in the u.s.
9th step. now put your phone # and click ok and accept the terms and shit
10th step. a computer will call you and shit and go to your keypad and enter a 4 digit code EX. 2222
11th step. then they will say something like were hanging up the call now.
12th.step. go to the right and log in with your phone number and the 4 digit code you made
13th step. it will have your card number and the cvv and all that shit.
14th step. if you left that tab open where it says add new credit card, go to it, if you didn't go back to it
15th. step Put the card type as VISA put your cardnumber without any spaces in it, enter the expiration date, and then the CVV, and then the cardholders name, and then enter all the other shit like your zip code and shit
16th step. go to the bottom and press ok and now you have GOLD FOR 1 MONTH!!!!!

Make sure to turn auto renewl off.

This was previously in the premium section but i thought everybody should know this, Since with elite nobody is gonna share shit.


You can use that credit card for like 5 accounts and after that you have to make a other credit card with a other number.
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Sick that lad
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Anyone got the message: This Promotion Not Available..??
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