Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Officially Revealed

By Darth Saul Published 16th Aug 2016

New footage emerges from the next saga to the Call of Duty Zombies series.

Over the last few days, Activison and Infinity Ward have been suggesting that Infinite Warfare, the next instalment in the Call of Duty Franchise would have Treyarch's award winning 'Zombies' included.

Last night, large YouTubers and Call of Duty news outlets such as CharlieIntel were sent a package with a count down on it, which ended today at 5PM GMT.

{img=Cp_tE2uW8AETpvY.jpg-large.jpeg}Map of Zombies in Spaceland (via @MrDalekJD}.{/img}

In the box there was a few items, such as t-shirts, fannypacks, a hat and some shoes.

{img=Cp_lqrtWYAALM8a.jpg-large.jpeg}Map of Zombies in Spaceland (via @charlieINTEL}.{/img}

Along with these items was a VHS tape and a cassette tape. Although there are no viable sources for what was on the cassette as of yet, it appears to have just been a mixtape. The VHS however..


What are your thoughts on the reveal trailer for Zombies in Spaceland, are you hyped or do you think it's going to suck?

Darth Saul


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  • Hydrogen
    November 22nd, 2017
    I enjoyed this Zombie Map. It's the only one that had that funky feeling. The rest were just not really enjoyable. I still give them credit for trying their best, and at least COD put in the effort for it.