Post: Kill Your Console Switch To PC (Updated : Christmas 2017)
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This thread is about why you should kill your console and switch to PC this features a roughly $600 build this doesn't include a Mouse or Keyboard or monitor which are Highly recommended. If you want a cheaper one feel free to ask

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This is a chart that gives you the idea about how much cheaper PC is and the build I made is actually very similar too the build I have listed. There are other reasons why you should switch

Better Game Selection- PC has a better game selection overall you can't deny it there's multiple stores to buy from, tons of free games, lots of genres not widely available on Console.

Better Graphics this is very obvious one but its another to add because we like beautiful games and if you don't then would you rather play watch dogs or battlefield 4 on a NES or a PC?

Mods - PC has lots of Mods that can improve games/ make new games out of old games, Modding is frowned upon on Consoles and some Developers on PC go out of the way to make the game friendly to mods.

More Hardcore/Casual - There's more super hardcore players and we all seen those guys playing StarCraft for hours upon hours without stopping and then there's casual players playing Minecraft or casual indie games.

There's many more pros to be listed but I don't want this thread to be too long
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